River Rafting Down the Grand Canyon


When I was eight years old my parents took me and my siblings river rafting down the Grand Canyon. It was for eight days and seven nights with a group of about thirty people. I had just passed the age limit so I was the youngest one on our journey. There were three guides who were so friendly and made it such an amazing experience. We started at the very top and had to place our belongings in a big blue bag. This was to stay with us until we got to our destination. My family and I started making friends right away and got to learn everyone’s names very quickly. Every day we would stop for lunch and then set up camp at dinner time and stay the night. Along the way there were natural waterfalls that we would bathe under. When we were docked my siblings and I would jump in the river and just have a great time. The guides carried a portable toilet that went with us everywhere, and brought tons of food and sodas. Every night our group would have a camp fire and tell tons of stories. We were able to sleep under the stars and not have to worry about anything. When we were in the water our boat would go down tons of crazy and fun rapids! The guides had different names for each one and it made it so much fun. So many people told me that I was crazy to go on this trip but it was an awesome experience that I will never forget. I recommended it to all of my friends and I would go on it again in a heartbeat! The guides had so many cool things for us to do and it was a once in a life time experience.

New Cultures and Food


Traveling to new countries or continents allows you to explore so many interesting cultures. There are so many people around the world that celebrate different holidays that we might not. It is always so much fun to visit a different place because after you leave you feel like you know a little bit more about their culture and the way they live. In Paris and other parts of Europe, there are no public trash cans because they think a dangerous person could hurt them through the trashcan. Also China and other places celebrate Chinese New Year, something American’s do not. Learning about other cultures can help with your understanding of the world and the people around us. Other than cultures, there are so many unique food choices that some people don’t have. In America, people tend to eat more hamburgers and fries, while in Europe they are big on meats and fondu. A lot of people will go to China or Vietnam from America and not eat any of their food because they say it is gross or different. That in my opinion is a waste of a trip.  When you get to experience a different part of the world, why not experience their food and culture too! Learning about a person or a city mostly comes from the type of food they like and it is so cool to live it first-hand. When visiting a unique place around the world you should never be scared to try something new, because who knows, you might end up loving it!


Everglades Arial 1

On my trip to Florida I got to visit with all of my relatives. It was so much fun because I hadn’t seen them in forever! My family and I were there for nine days and one of those days was Christmas. When we first got there, we hung out at my cousins house and got to catch up on our crazy lives. Whenever we visit my grandma always makes a huge dinner and invites my whole family. The next day my family and I hung out with all of my relatives at the state beach for a long time. Then we went back and started watching a show called Gator Boys which is located in Florida. After looking them up, we found out where they are set up. My dad took me and my cousins to the Everglades National Park where we were allowed to go on an air boat ride around the Everglades and see tons of gators. After the air boat ride we got to watch an alligator show and it was so cool. We then got to hold a baby alligator and take a picture with it! It was such a great experience that I will never forget because I became so obsessed with the show Gator Boys. Having Christmas in Florida with all my relatives was so much fun. On Christmas we went to the South of Florida and get to take a jet ski into the ocean. I can’t wait until the next time I can visit all my family again!

My Cruise to Jamaica

When I was little I went on a cruise to Jamaica. It was my second cruise so I was still a little bit scared. My Jamaican cruise was seven days long and it was so much fun. We did so many interesting excursions that I will never forget. One of them was swimming with the dolphins. I wish I could swim with them now because I wouldn’t be so scared but it was still so cool. At first the crew had the dolphins jumping up and down, but then they let them come right up next to us. We got to ride with them and watch them perform tricks. Right before it was over they let us give the dolphins and kiss and then they waved goodbye to us with their fins! When we got back to the cruise ship we sat out by the pool and just relaxed. The crew on the ship passed out free ice cream and we got food at the bar. My family and I went on another excursion and it was such a fun time. The last event we did in Jamaica was climb up a waterfall. There was a really long rope that went all the way to the top and we could stop at anytime because they had resting stops along the way. Climbing up a waterfall was one of the craziest things ever. At some points there would be little slides of rock that people would go down. This cruise was one of the best ones I went on and I never wanted to leave.